Christ Sophia

Pope Sophia

My trauma is serious I am blacklisting the psychiatry at NUS in Umeå, Sweden. I was signed out from the psychiatry wednesday last week. I was in compulsory care for about 19 days. The psycho psychiatry staff treated me horrendously psycho. I am so deeply shocked and shattered. They don’t have the competence to meet… Read More


I am on compulsory care at the psychiatry. I came here through the emergency room. The psycho guy from the psychiatric staff lied to me and said I would only have to stay at the psychiatry over night as a care agreement but the next day I was told I was on compulsory care here…. Read More


Too many horrid memories. I am a big wound. Suffered mountains of pain and soul shattering torture. I don’t have the energy to struggle anymore.To be in the truth of my trauma. Dead end. Reached the bottom of the deepest darkest ocean. I have become mute now after too much torture. I have become numb…. Read More