Monthly Archives: September 2019

Ordered a vegan dish from Wasabi Sushi Bar, Kungsgatan 44 in Umeå, Sweden and there was an option to remove ingredients from the dish, so I wrote in my order that I did not want any soy and gluten in the food but the food came drenched in soy and it also came with some extra soy on the side. It also came with dumplings containing gluten, which has not been included… Read More

I’m blacklisting Ecotaxi in Umeå today because I’ve had several unpleasant experiences with them. This Sunday there was a psycho perv driving me who was not suitable for his job. There was a rape song playing in the taxi and the taxi driver seemed to be amused by the song… He spoke to me while the song was playing and his tone of voice was so callous and psycho that the blood… Read More