Monthly Archives: November 2019

Coarse cavemen are outdated. You’re not healthy to be involved with, con.Don’t appear in my nightmare.Infiltration. I will have compensation.I will not make you my reality because you don’t deserve to be a part of my life.You did not pass the test. You’re lacking some vital parts.Going to finish you tonight. You got me worn out. Why bring out all that old junk?Dig in the junkyard for some interesting finds.I see them… Read More

I don’t remember December.  I don’t remember you anymore because I repressed you and don’t think about you. Run, run, run from this sinister day. Row your boat in the desert, dirty digger but you wont get anywhere. You can’t avoid the inevitable. You can’t deny that the drought is coming your way.  The Healthcare system is blown out now as well so there will be no one there to help you… Read More

I’m not an x-mas person because of frosty childhood x-masses so I’m going to celebrate Halloween on x-mas but I still want some x-mas gifts for compensation…So here is my current wish list for Santa Claus: 5 billion dollars To see my star family To marry a hot young exotic man To bring down the patriarchy X-mas gifts Birthday gifts To be nurtured in a nursing home    

So traumatized I can barely function. Died so many times inside I’m not living. I’m just existing in some strange fucking way. I sleep all day to forget it all. I’ll repress everything in this exile I’m in. I shut my thoughts off because I can’t take this anymore. I am in deep shock. I do not feel good sitting and dwelling on all the trauma that’s been. This prolonged torture and fumbling… Read More

Locked in a torture chamber called life.Rip out my intestines and torture me some more, I’m not completely ruined yet. I’m just a fragmented shell echoing with terror and trauma. My tortured soul is screaming a glass breaking scream, eternally echoing through the universe. Kato Stoneheart was here. They’ll throw you some crumbs and rape your soul.“We’ll punish you again and again and again and again and again and again and again… Read More

I’m blacklisting Lyko because I got an email from them that said: Open and get a 100 kr discount! And when I opened the email it said: Shop for 500 kr and get a 100 kr discount! Polttaa manipulative carcass…

Got an email from Paypal with discount offers from 3 stores. I had to register to be able to see the products in a store called Lightinthebox. When I had registered I saw that there was only cheap shit of low quality that I would never consider purchasing but they did not have an option to unregister. So low…Boycott this shitstore.

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