Finish you

Coarse cavemen are outdated. You’re not healthy to be involved with, con.
Don’t appear in my nightmare.
Infiltration. I will have compensation.
I will not make you my reality because you don’t deserve to be a part of my life.
You did not pass the test. You’re lacking some vital parts.
Going to finish you tonight.

You got me worn out. Why bring out all that old junk?
Dig in the junkyard for some interesting finds.
I see them devils in your eyes, heavy drinker. Cold hearted sourpuss.
Diss you, robotic terminator.
Dumpster digger, why bring back old useless memories from the idle icebound garden?
Memorize our get together’s, Roger.
Going to finish you tonight.

I’ll get destructive because all must be destroyed.
Can’t you see how adversely you’re affecting me, yokel?
You’re so going down.
My thoughts about the times you were around are bugging me, shadow dancer.
Add some responsibility in your interactions with people.
Integrate some integrity, stalker.
Pretend to have a normal evening. Call your mama and complain.

Nothing could be of use in the wintertime for your position is weak.
Grim shadowland, let’s get nostalgic with fix ideas and dwellings on the past.
Do you have plans for the future? Are you piled up with debt in that old hovel shed of yours out in the woods in wintertime?
Time will tell stories.
Bye bye, do not walk me home.

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