Remember December

Polyvore creation by Sophia  © 

Laying in bed with cramps
Volatile I’m floating around the collective subconscious
One time in the snow,
so far away were you

When I’m frantically
trying to find one measly little sunglimpse
the sky falls down
Oh, my aching heart
Will it tear me apart?

Remember December
Remember December

Sometimes my retina induces a still image of a me gone
rolled up in fetus position
She says she does not want to come out today
There is no point in Rolling up the blinds,
the sky has fallen

Remember December
Remember December

Staring at the gravel for hours
I am melting
Melting what you said

Been sitting for hours trying to get the food down
Agoraphobia keeps me isolated
I don’t feel like sharing my thoughts with you
I need to think about taking care of myself and putting my needs first, after all the trauma that’s been
Staring the truth in the eye
You have hurt me enough

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