Starry night

Staring into the night
Tears burning under my eyes
Crying crying crying
My eyes are so cried out

The wound is ripe with tons of hard blows
I do this and I do that
I do some things
I try to eat something but not much comes down
The day floats by like a big fat cloud in the corner of my eye

The candles have been burned out at both ends

How pissy it feels on the late brunch
Have a hard time with the angst

Taking steps outside
Seems that I’m asleep
but I hear these voices around me
and I feel my feet on the ground
I’m walking the streets alone

It’s been a long long night
Do you know how many hours I’ve been sitting in loneliness?
Don’t want to read any more sentimental shit
It tears up the wounds in me
Writing is my only refuge these nights

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