Total sanitation

Polyvore creation by Sophia ©

All the leaves have fallen from the trees
Left is only branches reaching out
whipping the ground like black claws
Everything gets blown away by the storm
It made me want to crawl back into my cave and go into hibernation
under the winterblanket
Since I belong to all that is
and all is white
All is so bright
Is everything alright……….?

Don’t have much energy left to finish November
but I still got some vigor left for a short conversation
Remind me of old letters and make me sentimental and bitter

You froze me into ice and made me numb
It made me want to crawl into a taxicab
and get away from you

I will celebrate our anniversary at the cemetery
by mourning our destruction days
and the deep humiliation our relationship led to in the end
And burn all things that remind me of you

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