Time for another lecture

Polyvore creation by Sophia ©

Just because you’re so bitter doesn’t mean you have to take it out on small innocent children, strict tutor.

Time for another lecture with blazing counter-strike from a razor sharp tongue if questioned.

Feed the child with lies.
It’s so written in stone.
Teach the lost souls a few things that needs to be known, since they’re so lost in this world.
Maybe someday they will become people as well…

Teach this and that since you always know best, professor with a Messias complex.

It’s turning out turbid for the child because the child is a bit environmentally affected.

Grade the child.
Detain the kid until late afternoon for sermon.
The teachers decides that and creates their own rules and laws like monarchs did in the olden days.

Shut your mouth, silly kid. Who gave you the right to speak?
Everything you say and do will be used against you.

Child, do not listen to what that heartless and senseless oppressor says.

The child got a lump in her throat and tears burning under her eyes but no tears leaves her eyes because in school you’re not allowed to cry.
“Don’t be silly and interrupt the class. I’m not a psychologist. I can’t handle a sobbing child…”

Time for another stern religious sermon.
Mold the children into meek good sheep so that they know their place and will never dare to question authority…

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