Polyvore creation by Sophia ©

The snake woman has child eating ideas.
She will sneak into my room in the eet and yell at me by my hospital bed like an inflamed lieutenant.
The invader who yaps has to go.
I need to recover in peace and quiet.
Doubtful encounters with erratic loons.
I need to recover in peace and quiet.
The harmful bulldozer should be kept away from children.

I shut myself off because I know how it feels to be violated.
Constant tenterhooks for attacks.
You gave me teeth to grind and nails to drill into my arms while in shock and screaming of horror.
Got ulcers and belly aches, what’s next?
Grin and bear it.
Did not have a bulletproof vest on me.
Force feed me with lies Mama.
I will numb myself out and prepare for the night.

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