Monthly Archives: December 2019

Who are you? I got to experience your expertise.Informed and static. Stiff and robotic. Some sort of virus spreading.Force yourself upon people who did not ask for your propaganda and invade on people’s private space.Do you have some sort of problem with sensing personal boundaries? A sensor out of order. You haven’t thought of becoming a priest, because you’re really good at preaching…? You’re going to have to let go of those… Read More

Under the watersurface it is obscurePure rivers of the crystalline rainbow pouring through you Arising from the surface againPuzzle the pieces togetherStare into that wound Shock me with scandinavians You have to be in the hold of the cold empirical sadist nursewith her erratic impulses and vagaryVolvulus, hoping for relief

Laying in bed with crampsVolatile I’m floating around the collective subconsciousOne time in the snow,so far away were you When I’m franticallytrying to find one measly little sunglimpsethe sky falls downOh, my aching heartWill it tear me apart? Remember DecemberRemember December Sometimes my retina induces a still image of a me gonerolled up in fetus positionShe says she does not want to come out todayThere is no point in Rolling up the… Read More

The worn out ending.Gravely disturbances. Oh no, not again.Trapped in the waterland labyrinths. Gurgling saltwater.Tricia prefers lightning. Cogwheels prefer logical explanations.Life crisis in Alaska nagging in my head storage. Revoked.Relate to reality realist. Rebirthing babies every second. Staring death in the eye every split second.Those genetics in our veins have been going on for too many generations.Too many hours of torture. Exhausting.That was the last time I put strain on myself and… Read More

I’m blacklisting Belinda and Andreas because of corrupt, outrageous behavior. But what goes around comes around so I will keep calm and let karma work on them…

You claim to be Romeo but you remind me more of a slimebucket.You stink of cheap perfume and your breath smells like onions.You haven’t got anything decent to bring to the table.You’re disqualified and just not able. Don’t try my patience today.What’s that you say?Satanic ramblings from the darker regions of the psyche.You form words with your mouth and spit them out into the air like a llama and wait for good… Read More