Red raging stormy dream

Since I drifted away at sea, I’ve had horrid nightmares.
A scarab crawling up the wall.
Resurgence at the door.

I feel the truth circulating.
What’s true for you in this moment? In the swirling clouds?

Processing while in deep sleep and experiencing the core of the matter.
Drifted away on the waves of the stormy sea and ended up here.
Can feel the clouds swirling.
Can feel those bleeding parts.
Razorsharp red blazing flashbacks.

Trace back to the core of the initial red root cause trauma in the cradle of the cosmic sea.
Spasms and froth during trance like states.
Absent here and unresponsive.
Revisiting old wounds.
Drift so far off.
Feel the clouds.
Those harmful parts cutting.
Pieces that harm so much, reliving it all through in these murky waters.

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