Cut me again Mama and use me as your dumpster.
Psyche me out to the core.

Tears welling up.
Smile in contentment because malice is in your blood.
Stare at me in the hall and wait for an answer that does not come from my puckered throat.
Be bloody grateful that any words come out of my mouth at all. Be bloody grateful that I get out of bed every morning… Considering the trauma I’ve been through.

Struggle up that hill with frostcrystals on the ground.
Feels unresolved this nagging in my head.
By a bleak tree a grouse lay dead.

Blast and trash in soggy snow in the pitchblack eet and arrive in school.

Create a chaotic disarray of shattered fragments.
Rearrange and let me puzzle the pieces together.

My spirit is leaving my body again. Floating in the ceiling.

Knives constantly flying in the air in this hall.
Terror echoing in these walls.
All I can see is the blood flowing down.
Reminding of the scars that never healed.

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