Beloved sister

My sister is the girl behind the mask.
Hides bloody knives in her drawers.

Beloved sister on a grass plate.
Played out in a twisted horror movie on repeat.
Blood red dirt under fingernails.
Lost in a violet dream somewhere else. Absent-minded.

Live and behold for something.
See in the dark and scan for things that might be of interest and grab some things that might come in handy.
The photo archive with blurry polaroids.
Hurt and blurt out graphite notes. Tears spurts.
Rifle through my drawers to see what knick-knacks could be found in there.

Some smalltalk and materialistic distractions while unveiling layer after layer of lies until only the bare core remains.
Wobbly on shaky grounds that crumbles.
The tapes will be erased.

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