Monthly Archives: July 2021

Too many horrid memories. I am a big wound. Suffered mountains of pain and soul shattering torture. I don’t have the energy to struggle anymore.To be in the truth of my trauma. Dead end. Reached the bottom of the deepest darkest ocean. I have become mute now after too much torture. I have become numb. Everything slips from my hands and drops down on the floor. I am in a constant state… Read More

I am blacklisting Egon, an old fart working in a health store, ego based in a small village in Västerbotten county, northern Sweden. He was preaching to me about Jesus. It tore up old wounds in me.He was Saying “let Jesus into your life” and saying that I should not question Christianity and the Bible since I didn’t understand it according to him… Like he took for granted that since someone does… Read More