Too many horrid memories. I am a big wound. Suffered mountains of pain and soul shattering torture. I don’t have the energy to struggle anymore.
To be in the truth of my trauma. Dead end. Reached the bottom of the deepest darkest ocean. I have become mute now after too much torture. I have become numb. Everything slips from my hands and drops down on the floor. I am in a constant state of shock and distrust. This cruelty is unbearable. My soul is screaming of horror. How could I ever mend? It would take huge miracles.

Trauma arises. I am drowning. I lay and wait for help while tears are streaming down my chest. I can barely move any longer because of shock. I am paralyzed. I have suffered too much, way too much beyond the purgatory.
I am bleeding tons. My heart is pierced.
To be in the middle of my trauma is extremely painful. I am crying my heart out.
The child was alone in the darkness for too long.

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