I am on compulsory care at the psychiatry. I came here through the emergency room. The psycho guy from the psychiatric staff lied to me and said I would only have to stay at the psychiatry over night as a care agreement but the next day I was told I was on compulsory care here. I have been here over a week now. I am being treated horribly by the psychopathic psychiatry staff. They are treating me heartless harshly and demanding. Using power and control. I have complex PTSD and agoraphobia and was not able go to the dining room in the state I am in. I have been served food in my room so far. But this evening a male nurse from the psychostaff said I had to go to the dining room if I would eat any food. I haven’t gotten any food to eat this evening. I am starving and terrified of being here because of the terror by the psychopath staff here.

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