The worn out ending.Gravely disturbances. Oh no, not again.Trapped in the waterland labyrinths. Gurgling saltwater.Tricia prefers lightning. Cogwheels prefer logical reasoning.Life crisis in Alaska nagging in my head storage. Revoked.Relate to reality, realist. Rebirthing babies every second. Staring death in the eye every split second.Those genes in our bodies have been proceeding for too many centuries.Too many hours of torture. Exhausting.This was the last time I put strain on myself and lifted… Read More

So traumatized I can barely function. Died so many times inside I’m not living. I’m just existing in some strange fucking way. I sleep all day to forget it all. I’ll repress everything in this exile I’m in. I shut my thoughts off because I can’t take this anymore. I am in deep shock. I do not feel good sitting and dwelling on all the trauma that’s been. This prolonged torture and fumbling… Read More