How dare you come around here, arrogant fool?Lumber into my life like a reckless egomaniac.I don’t need any more drama in my life with a sloppy juvenile who mess things up for me. I don’t want to become ensnared in your reality with snakes crawling down my neck and your dramatic intrigues of torment and self annihilation.Keep me out of your horror novels. You’ve wasted enough of my time, scavenger. Sucking on… Read More

You claim to be Romeo but you remind me more of a slimebucket.You stink of cheap perfume and your breath smells like onions.You haven’t got anything decent to bring to the table.You’re disqualified and just not able. Don’t try my patience today.What’s that you say?Satanic ramblings from the darker regions of the psyche.You form words with your mouth and spit them out into the air like a llama and wait for good… Read More