Multidimensional Creations


Laying in bed with crampsVolatile I’m floating around the collective subconsciousOne time in the snow,so far away were you When I’m franticallytrying to find one measly little sunglimpsethe sky falls downOh, my aching heartWill it tear me apart? Remember DecemberRemember December Sometimes my retina induces a still image of a me gonerolled up in fetus positionShe says she does not want to come out todayThere is no point in Rolling up the… Read More

The worn out ending.Gravely disturbances. Oh no, not again.Trapped in the waterland labyrinths. Gurgling saltwater.Tricia prefers lightning. Cogwheels prefer logical explanations.Life crisis in Alaska nagging in my head storage. Revoked.Relate to reality realist. Rebirthing babies every second. Staring death in the eye every split second.Those genetics in our veins have been going on for too many generations.Too many hours of torture. Exhausting.That was the last time I put strain on myself and… Read More

You claim to be Romeo but you remind me more of a slimebucket.You stink of cheap perfume and your breath smells like onions.You haven’t got anything decent to bring to the table.You’re disqualified and just not able. Don’t try my patience today.What’s that you say?Satanic ramblings from the darker regions of the psyche.You form words with your mouth and spit them out into the air like a llama and wait for good… Read More

You’re outdated and belong to the past. You’re not healthy to be involved with, con.You’re not requirement marked and you’re lacking dignity.Don’t appear in my nightmare.Infiltration. Give me compensation.I will not make you my reality because you don’t deserve to be a part of my life.You did not pass the test. You’re lacking some vital parts.On dry land you might become visible, sneaky rascal.Why do you show up?Going to finish you tonight…. Read More

I don’t remember December.  I don’t remember you anymore because I repressed you and don’t think about you. Shitty animalistic species.  Run, run, run from this sinister day. Row your boat in the desert, dirty digger but you wont get anywhere. You can’t avoid the inevitable. You can’t deny that the drought is coming your way.  The Healthcare system is blown out now as well so there will be no one there… Read More