My sister is the girl behind the mask.Hides bloody knives in her drawers. Beloved sister on a grass plate.Sunstroke.Played out in a twisted horror movie on repeat.Blood red dirt under fingernails.Lost in a violet dream somewhere else. Absent-minded. Live and behold for something.See in the dark and scan for things that might be of interest and grab some things that might come in handy.The photo archive with blurry polaroids.Hurt and blurt out… Read More

Cut me again Mama and use me as your dumpster.Psyche me out to the core. Tears welling up.Smile in contentment because malice is in your blood.Stare at me in the hall and wait for an answer that does not come from my puckered throat.Be bloody grateful that any words come out of my mouth at all. Be bloody grateful that I get out of bed every morning… Considering the trauma I’ve been… Read More

Since I drifted away at sea, I’ve had horrid nightmares.A scarab crawling up the wall.Resurgence at the door. I feel the truth circulating.What’s true for you in this moment? In the swirling clouds? Processing while in deep sleep and experiencing the core of the matter.Drifted away on the waves of the stormy sea and ended up here.Can feel the clouds swirling.Can feel those bleeding parts.Razorsharp red blazing flashbacks. Trace back to the… Read More

The snake woman has child eating ideas.She will sneak into my room in the eet and yell at me by my hospital bed like an inflamed lieutenant.The invader who yaps has to go.I need to recover in peace and quiet.Doubtful encounters with erratic loons.I need to recover in peace and quiet.The harmful bulldozer should be kept away from children. I shut myself off because I know how it feels to be violated.Constant… Read More

It’s 5 in the morning and I’m out on the moor in the fog because I can’t sleep.It feels like my spirit wants to leave the body.Don’t want to know of anything.I’ve been walking out on the moor for too many centuries now.Years of tears.After the storms gather yourselfand pick up the pieces again and again. Laying still in shock. Paralyzed because of soulshattering terror.Upload and unleash all those plaguey voices from… Read More

Just because you’re so bitter doesn’t mean you have to take it out on small innocent children, strict tutor. Time for another lecture with blazing counter-strike from a razor sharp tongue if questioned. Feed the child with lies.It’s so written in stone.Teach the lost souls a few things that needs to be known, since they’re so lost in this world.Maybe someday they will become people as well… Teach this and that since… Read More

Red tea, stone floorVampire’s at my doorDevour the mouldering buffetStarving, withering The bed sheetsThe thick airLingering under the skin in a radioactive decaywhile constantly that blue eye in the sky It was the sickest summerThe sickest summer The black boxThe sea perfect for drowningNo need to runThe dogs are in the ditchesYou wouldn’t want to go outsideYou wouldn’t want to be high like a mountain when you could be this lowI was… Read More

All the leaves have fallen from the treesLeft is only branches reaching outwhipping the ground like black clawsEverything gets blown away by the stormIt made me want to crawl back into my cave and go into hibernationunder the winterblanketSince I belong to all that isand all is whiteAll is so brightIs everything alright……….? Don’t have much energy left to finish Novemberbut I still got some vigor left for a short conversationRemind me… Read More

Don’t want to live in a sugarcoated illusion with a shiny metallic exterior.Am so incorrigibly sick of those tedious excursions. Timetravels back to namby-pamby frills and distractions. A glittering frosty giggling x-mas lit path.Pathfinder.Have some shallow shit and that’s that.Give me a bloodpudding with worms in it for x-mas. Implement a walkthrough in a snow rich winter with glass splinter.She walked out of the habitation with a navigator.I don’t know where she… Read More

Staring into the nightTears burning under my eyesCrying crying cryingMy eyes are so cried out The wound is ripe with tons of hard blowsI do this and I do thatI do some thingsI try to eat something but not much comes downThe day floats by like a big fat cloud in the corner of my eye The candles have been burned out at both ends How pissy it feels on the late… Read More