Too many horrid memories. I am a big wound. Suffered mountains of pain and soul shattering torture. I don’t have the energy to struggle anymore.To be in the truth of my trauma. Dead end. Reached the bottom of the deepest darkest ocean. I have become mute now after too much torture. I have become numb. Everything slips from my hands and drops down on the floor. I am in a constant state… Read More

It’s 5 in the morning and I’m out on the moor in the fog because I can’t sleep.It feels like my spirit wants to leave the body.Don’t want to know of anything.I’ve been walking out on the moor for too many centuries now.Years of tears.After the storms gather yourselfand pick up the pieces again and again. Laying still in shock. Paralyzed because of soulshattering terror.Upload and unleash all those plaguey voices from… Read More

Staring into the nightTears burning under my eyesCrying crying cryingMy eyes are so cried out The wound is ripe with tons of hard blowsI do this and I do thatI do some thingsI try to eat something but not much comes downThe day floats by like a big fat cloud in the corner of my eye The candles have been burned out at both ends How pissy it feels on the late… Read More

Who are you? I got to experience your expertise.Informed and static. Stiff and robotic. Some sort of virus spreading.Force yourself upon people who did not ask for your propaganda and invade on people’s private space.Do you have some sort of problem with sensing personal boundaries? A sensor out of order. You haven’t thought of becoming a priest, because you’re really good at preaching…? You’re going to have to let go of those… Read More

The worn out ending.Gravely disturbances. Oh no, not again.Trapped in the waterland labyrinths. Gurgling saltwater.Tricia prefers lightning. Cogwheels prefer logical reasoning.Life crisis in Alaska nagging in my head storage. Revoked.Relate to reality, realist. Rebirthing babies every second. Staring death in the eye every split second.Those genes in our bodies have been proceeding for too many centuries.Too many hours of torture. Exhausting.This was the last time I put strain on myself and lifted… Read More

I don’t remember December.  I don’t remember you anymore because I repressed you and don’t think about you. Run, run, run from this sinister day. Row your boat in the desert, dirty digger but you wont get anywhere. You can’t avoid the inevitable. You can’t deny that the drought is coming your way.  The Healthcare system is blown out now as well so there will be no one there to help you… Read More

Locked in a torture chamber called life.Rip out my intestines and torture me some more, I’m not completely ruined yet. I’m just a fragmented shell echoing with terror and trauma. My tortured soul is screaming a glass breaking scream, eternally echoing through the universe. Kato Stoneheart was here. They’ll throw you some crumbs and rape your soul.“We’ll punish you again and again and again and again and again and again and again… Read More