Don’t want to live in a sugarcoated illusion with a shiny metallic exterior.Am so incorrigibly sick of those tedious excursions. Timetravels back to namby-pamby frills and distractions. A glittering frosty giggling x-mas lit path.Pathfinder.Have some shallow shit and that’s that.Give me a bloodpudding with worms in it for x-mas. Implement a walkthrough in a snow rich winter with glass splinter.She walked out of the habitation with a navigator.I don’t know where she… Read More

I’m not an x-mas person because of frosty childhood x-masses so I’m going to celebrate Halloween on x-mas but I still want some x-mas gifts for compensation…So here is my current wish list for Santa Claus: 5 billion dollars To see my star family To marry a hot young exotic man To bring down the patriarchy X-mas gifts Birthday gifts To be nurtured in a nursing home